December 27, 2021

Boost Your Conversion Rate With These 5 Web Design Principles

Every business would love to attain a high conversion rate on their website as that would translate to an increase in revenue and more. There are many factors that can affect how good your conversion rate is, but marketing professionals understand that certain web design elements and principles can make or break it.

If you’re running a company and would like your business to boom more in that regard, consider investing in web design services that would boost the site. Here are several web design principles that will make a difference to your conversion rate in the long run:

1) Simplify Your Customer’s Choices

A theory by William Edmund Hick called Hick’s Law sums up how people take a longer time to choose depending on how many potential decisions they can make. It’s straightforward about how an individual would consider all the possibilities before picking something.

As a marketer, it’s important to take that length of time into account when a customer is making a decision. Simplify the customer’s choices and interaction with the site to decide right away. They’ll choose quicker if the options are limited to purchase, inquire, or subscribe.

2) Follow The Rule Of Thirds

Another principle that’s widely used in web design is the rule of thirds, which is often reserved for photography. Imagine about nine equal squares on the space you’re working with, and notice how the main points are always by the four middle intersections.

Whatever is the most important should be placed in the center to capture the most attention overall, and your website should be no exception to that. Request your web designers to achieve the same effect when creating a site design for your business.

3) Prevent Loading Delays

Statistics showcase that delays in the loading speed of any web page, even those by just a second, lower conversions rather than boosting them. Don’t let that information go in vain; strive to quicken the site’s loading speed instead.

There are certain elements in web design that may be the cause of the slow loading speed, so be sure to address those right away. By appealing to site visitors rather than testing their patience, your business site would have a higher chance of interaction and sales. 

4) Adhere To An F-Layout

According to researchers, site visitors naturally gravitate towards scanning a website through an F pattern. Aside from taking into consideration the rule of thirds, adhere to this type of pattern as well. Websites with a CTA button on the top left corner for where the F-layout starts may have higher conversion rates as it’s what a customer spots first.

5) Implement An Effective Color Scheme

One last principle with web design is that the color scheme is powerful. It plays a part in the usability and readability of the website’s contents, as well as the brand impression that you want to leave behind for people. Give the final color palette that will be used on the website some thought for the hue to truly reflect your business and entice customers.


Web design can be quite a long-winded process, but it’ll be even more achievable if you work with the right professionals who can bring your vision to life. Hold these principles by heart throughout the planning and look forward to improving your conversion rate.