April 18, 2022

Designer Recommended Google Web Fonts

Typography is the visual representation of type and may convey more about your brand than words alone. As a result, the fonts used in your web design should accentuate your brand voice while still looking sharp on the screen.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the finest Google fonts.

Google Fonts is a free licensed typeface collection supplied by Google.


A condensed sans serif font inspired by old urban signage of Buenos Aires. In a bold line weight, Montserrat is energetic and works great for titles.


A sans serif typeface with monolinear and circular features. It can be used for body text and seamless headings even in a light line weight.


A variable font that was thoughtfully designed for computer screens.


A modern sans serif font that’s ideal for website headers and subheadings.


A sans serif typeface that works well for titles and body text. Its rounded, classic proportions exude harmony and warmth.


Defined by its antique look with “Roman” proportions, Forum is multilingual and versatile.

Open Sans

A user-friendly sans serif typeface that works great for web, mobile and even print applications.


A humanist sans font with modern elements. The characters have an open-feeling thus work well for titles and paragraph text.


A contemporary serif font with calligraphy-like organic strokes. For a personal touch, use Lora for paragraphs in the About section when conveying your brand story.

That wraps up our highly recommended Google font picks!

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