April 19, 2022

5 Tips for Choosing Fonts for Your Website

Choosing a font for your website can be both challenging and fun. How can you successfully convey your company’s personality through text? You will want to choose a font with the right characteristics. From proportions to styling, here are a few key things to consider when choosing typography for your website:

Compliment Your Branding

Select typography that matches your brand vibe. When the font is consistent with your branding it gives visitors a great sense of the tone, message and mood. A font such as Roboto looks clean, modern, and open, making it a great option for corporate sites.

Choose a Typeface That’s Legible

Most web fonts are designed to be easy to read on-screen, but other factors can also affect legibility. Vertical alignment problems, inconsistent spacing, and cluttered designs can make text difficult to read. Make your text easy to read by considering the relationship of the spacing to the font type.

Type for Type by Victionary

Keep Your Font Selection Small

Aim to use a maximum of 2 fonts. The key is to use one font for the headings and one font for the body. This makes it easy for visitors to distinguish between categories, titles and paragraphs. 

If using one font, the heading text can be bold or semi bold to differentiate between the body text. A variation in font weight can easily declare the hierarchy.

Consider Font Size

Ensure fonts are sized accordingly on mobile, desktop and tablet. Test out the responsiveness of your site on mobile view. Consider how the size of your text will be reflected on mobile devices.

Color Coordination is Key

In addition to the font complimenting your brand, the color of the font is also important. Refer to your brand guidelines or color scheme for accuracy when selecting colors. There should be a good balance between the typography and its relationship to the websites background. Typically the header font has the strongest contrast.

Get Started

As you see, choosing a font for your site isn’t as simple as selecting Arial and calling it a day. The most memorable sites consider everything from color, to size to density and everything in between. After all, typography personifies your brands story. We hope these tips lead you in the right direction to get started.

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