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87 Percent is an app focused on helping to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace and beyond. The company uses measurable data to drive insights to give organizations the tools needed to support their employees mental health.

The Challenge

87 Percent needed a website that looked as tech-forward as the company’s app intended to be. While their old website was a roughly composed Squarespace website on a no-longer-supported verison of the platform, we were tasked with refining the visual language of the brand while confined within a set of web development restrictions.

The Approach

Leading with 87 Percent’s target audience and what the company stands for, we sought out to produce an engaging, story-telling website that visitors could connect with and relate to. With mental wellness being such an important subject, we aimed to ensure not a single message was missed.

Communicating wellness

To ensure the effectiveness of the site in selling 87 Percent’s actual product, we highlighted the key aspects of how the app works, the science that goes into it, and why it matters to companies and organizations all over the world.

From site to app

Being a mobile-first product itself, the mobile experience of the 87 Percent website had to be convincing enough to encourage visitors to take the next step.


The revamped 87 Percent website helped cement the company’s presence as an authority in the mental health space.


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