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Elemotion is a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of Asian elephants, through programming consisting of orphan elephant rehabilitation and promoting responsible tourism.

The Challenge

Elemotion had an outdated website overdue for an overhaul and redesign of its navigation and organization structure. We were tasked with designing and building a modernized website for the organization that clearly communicated their work and shed light on the topics they’re campaigning for, while achieving a clean, elevated aesthetic.

The Approach

The original vision for the new Elemotion site was something that would immediately pique the interest of visitors and foster their curiosity, whether or not they originally cared about Elephants. An aesthetic reminiscent of  classic art history books and museum visits was the goal.

Photos tell the story

The storytelling throughout the Elemotion site is driven by the beautiful imagery, which we arranged in ways that kept it front and center.

For your information

With the content of the Elemotion website being so rich in copy and statistics, we worked out a layout structure that avoided ever feeling overwhelming, delivering information in an easy to digest way.

Take action

The primary call-to-action of the Elemotion website is for making a donation to the foundation, so we integrated a hard-to-miss callout on every page of the website along with an easy-to-use donation form.

Mobile Support

The Elemotion website maintains its integrity and ease of use through all viewports, and keeps its primary call-to-action ever-present to drive user interaction.


Elemotion launched a revamped website that furthers the foundation’s initiatives in a digital landscape, helping their message reach audiences worldwide.

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