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General Public is a customer experience and product management firm. We partner with clients to unlock the full potential of their processes, products, and services – from initial idea to final delivery.

The Challenge

General Public sought to put an out-of-this-world spin on their web presence to stand out amongst the sea of sameness in the CX space. Their vision consisted of energetic, futuristic vibes with a dash of synthwave, a farcry from their corporate counterparts.

The Approach

The art direction and visual styling of the new General Public website involved producing custom representations of artificial intelligence and customer personas, with subtle touches of motion playing a major part.

The future of customer experience

The General Public website feels like an escape to a futuristic world, quite the nod to the company’s forward-thinking approach to customer experience and product management.


While simple and succinct, the single-page General Public website takes visitors on a journey they’ll never forget, and truly separates the company from the crowd.