Keeping it real


Web design





Goar is a real estate consulting firm inspired by human interaction, design, art, music and culture. Goar’s aim is to reinvent commercial real estate consulting.

The Challenge

In launching their new brand, Goar was looking to establish an identity that was way outside of the norm for what you’ve come to expect from a real estate business. Making the impression and appeal of the brand much more lifestyle-focused was the driving force of our collaboration.

The Approach

We helped Goar develop a visual identity, consisting of a striking logo, loud colors, bold typography and playful compositions, with the intend to make the entire system work across various audience touch points. 

Something different

A recurring theme in the process of developing the online presence for Goar was ensuring that they were clearly distinguished from their competitors, and fully aligned with their intended audience.


The new Goar design system was activated across the company’s website and digital marketing materials, helping the company make an immediate impact upon launch.